Celebrating the Culture of Wheat Ridge, Colorado

Wheat Ridge, Colorado is a vibrant city with a rich cultural heritage that is celebrated through a variety of events and festivals. The Wheat Ridge Cultural Commission is an active group of volunteers who recognize and facilitate the arts in the community. They organize annual and biannual programs and welcome new ideas from individual members and the Wheat Ridge community. One of the most popular events in Wheat Ridge is the Italian Festival.

This annual event celebrates Italian culture with music, food, and entertainment. The Wheat Ridge Carnation Festival is another popular event that celebrates the city's history with a parade, carnival rides, and live music. The Denver Chalk Art Festival is a great way to experience art in Wheat Ridge. Localworks sponsors local chalk artists to create unique pieces in Anderson Park.

The abstract forms of grass invite visitors to dance to the rhythm of the music. The “Many Colors of Wheat Ridge” quilt was created by cultural commissioner Milly Nadler to commemorate the city's 50th anniversary. Lakewood On Parade is another popular event in Wheat Ridge. This event celebrates the city's history with a parade, carnival rides, and live music. Visitors can also explore the beauty of the natural space surrounded by yesterday, today and tomorrow memories of golden wheat and the spirits of the pioneers. Wheat Ridge has something for everyone when it comes to cultural events and festivals.

From Italian festivals to chalk art festivals, there are plenty of opportunities to experience art and culture in this vibrant city.

Sallie Vivian
Sallie Vivian

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