Support Groups for Seniors in Wheat Ridge, CO: Get the Help You Need

The Mulroy Senior Center in Wheat Ridge, CO is here to provide seniors with the assistance and support they need to thrive. The center offers a wide range of services, including nutritious meals for homebound seniors in Adams, Arapahoe, Clear Creek, Denver, Douglas, Gilpin, Jefferson and Larimer counties. Getting help with everyday tasks that can be difficult for older people is often essential for them to remain living at home. The Mulroy Senior Center encourages socialization to prevent the isolation of seniors through programs, discussion groups and social activities.

Most seniors enjoy visiting a new friend and helping them with their homework or enjoying their favorite activities - both of which are beneficial for their health. The center also provides a variety of activities and classes that are designed to keep seniors engaged and active. These activities include exercise classes, art classes, music classes and educational seminars. Additionally, the center offers a variety of social events such as movie nights, game nights and special events. These activities provide an opportunity for seniors to socialize with other seniors in the community. The Mulroy Senior Center also provides counseling services for seniors who may be struggling with depression or anxiety.

Counselors are available to provide support and guidance to help seniors cope with the challenges of aging. Counselors can also provide referrals to other resources that may be helpful for seniors. The Mulroy Senior Center is dedicated to providing support and assistance to seniors in Wheat Ridge, CO. The center offers a variety of services and activities that are designed to help seniors stay healthy and active. If you or someone you know is looking for support or assistance, the Mulroy Senior Center is here to help.

Sallie Vivian
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